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Investment Thesis

We back founders who build (non-pharma) tools, in the broadest sense, that can be used by millions of humans to improve their well-being.
In our view, well-being is holistic and requires health in mind and body; and every human needs a wellness toolkit they can reach into to grab the tool for the job at hand. The toolkit is theoretically infinite in contents, and as our knowledge expands and needs grow, new tools are continually developed and old tools are redesigned and improved. 
As humans, we face a multitude of challenges to our mental and physical well-being. The wellness industry seeks to help people address those challenges in a way that optimizes happiness and longevity and minimizes distress.

Broad Themes


Digital Communities

Digital communities across Fitness & Wellness will finally understand what video game communities have leveraged since the early 90s. Digitization of the community connection will be led by companies like Peloton and to “reinvent” the gym.


Sensor Clothing & Wearables

Sensor clothing & wearables will allow more valuable and seamless fitness experiences that will allow for better outcomes, more personalized solutions, and better integration into the home and new environments for Fitness & Wellness.


Connected Coaching

Connected coaching will become even more popular as technology advances and consumers become more interested in leveraging their at home experiences to replicate the personal trainer model and elevate their workouts or train for an event or sport.


Monetization Platforms

Monetization platforms which operate as open content models where classes and instructors from any location or brand are offered for either a per content or subscription price will become popular as consumers try and figure out their new digital fitness routines.



Gyms will be forced to reconsider business model which may lead to more partnership opportunities (healthcare providers, content creators, etc.) as real estate prices and general consumer behaviors will provide room for experimentation in an attempt to “reinvent” the gym

Specialized Themes



Music platforms will offer more solutions that cater to the Fitness & Wellness industry and independent artists will innovate as content creation continues to spike and lawsuits and copyrights concerns have led to a need for simpler solutions for compliance and integration.




More silver offerings will hit the market as older populations have become more digital-friendly and less connected to their normal social circles due to the pandemic which should lead to a spike in further adoption in digital programming for the elderly.


Culturally Sensitive Offerings

Culturally sensitive offerings will continue to be created and consumed by many cultures and communities that have traditionally been underrepresented and underserved in the Fitness & Wellness industry.


Practical Spiritualism

Practical spiritualism will emerge as a popular category for wellness as consumers become oversaturated with nutrition and exercise content and look to diversify their personal routines and find more grounding during these uncertain times. 



eSports grew tremendously in 2020 due to the stay-at-home orders and cancellations of many sports events and in 2021 the trend will only get stronger as broader adoption will bring about more interest from traditional athletic and sports communities. 

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