Eudaimonia Labs

Investment Thesis

We back founders who build (non-pharma) tools, in the broadest sense, that can be used by millions of humans to improve their well-being.
In our view, well-being is holistic and requires health in mind and body; and every human needs a wellness toolkit they can reach into to grab the tool for the job at hand. The toolkit is theoretically infinite in contents, and as our knowledge expands and needs grow, new tools are continually developed and old tools are redesigned and improved. 
As humans, we face a multitude of challenges to our mental and physical well-being. The wellness industry seeks to help people address those challenges in a way that optimizes happiness and longevity and minimizes distress.

Eudaimonia Labs Core Investment Themes  

Consumer and corporate services personalization

Perfecting the omnichannel/hybrid fitness model  

Fitness and health education and training

Reinventing the gym and indoor recreation

Consumer health products (wellness/beauty)

Massive platforms to deliver fitness and sports media

Culturally sensitive programming (DE&I)

Rethinking healthier & sustainable living